About us

Blomberg Gallery offers a selection of Rolf Blomberg’s photographic art. Blomberg, one of the world’s last true explorers, documented his travels through photographs. These pictures portraying the enjoyment of life and nature have gained popularity due to their nostalgic retro style and warm, romantic atmospheres. 

Blomberg Gallery was founded in 2022 by Rolf Blomberg’s granddaughters Kajsa and Birgit Blomberg. The sisters grew up in the Netherlands after their father Staffan Blomberg died at a young age in 1972. Although Rolf Blomberg is Swedish, he spent most of his life in Ecuador. Kajsa and Birgit have always been fascinated by the adventurous life and work of their grandfather and felt that it was time to bring his beautiful photographs to a wider audience. 


Blomberg Gallery works closely with the Archivo Blomberg Foundation. The Archivo Blomberg Foundation was created in November 2000 in Ecuador by Marcela Blomberg, Rolfs daughter. Its objective is to preserve, organize, research and promote the cultural legacy of the Swedish explorer Rolf Blomberg. 

Archivo Blomberg's collection holds over 35,000 negatives and slides, and an important number of vintage photographs. The collection dates from the 1930s to 1980s.  

Part of the profits of Blomberg Gallery will be donated to Archivo Blomberg.

Blomberg Gallery has been realised with the loving support of Marcela Blomberg, Quito and Anders Blomberg, Stockholm.